1. Period Cramps

Top 10 Things You'll Never Understand About the Opposite Gender
Ladies, if you’ve ever gotten cramps during your period then you’ll definitely understand where this is coming from. And if you haven’t, well then consider yourself lucky. No seriously though, on days that we get cramps, it’s like as if World War 3 just broke out inside of our uterus. Our body just laid and egg, and then it’ll chill inside for a little while until it decides that it would rather leave in a gush of blood. So our body just rips itself apart to get rid of the egg. Beautiful if I do say so myself.

2. Sore Breasts

Yes, another PMS side effect. No matter how much Tylenol you take to numb your cramps, your breasts will always be sore. That accidental bump into a stranger will turn into a serious road raging as if you got into a fender bender.

3. Understanding that “I have nothing to wear.”

Women may have closets to rival mens’ in size (let’s think 3-4 times) but there will always be that monthly or even weekly moment when the thought that “I have nothing to wear” crosses the mind. Okay, so maybe guys will understand this at some point, but it it definitely doesn’t occur on a daily basis as often for them.

4. Giving Birth

Okay so men will never ever ever be able to understand the pain of giving birth. Mostly because they don’t have a vagina, unless you’ve had a sexual reassignment and decided to keep your vagina, then no. Imagine passing a melon out of a hole the size 5 fingers put together. See, pain!

5. Wearing Heels Regardless of the Pain

No pain, no gain right? No matter how much a woman tries to convince you that her feet don’t hurt when she wears heels, it’s a lie. So why do we put ourselves through all of the pain? Well obviously to look good. Wearing heels instantly gives you some more height and class, so why not?

6. Straightening Already Straight Hair

Top 10 Things You'll Never Understand About the Opposite Gender

How many ladies out there with straight hair own a straightener? Tons! No matter how straight your natural hair is, there will always be kinks that need to be fixed. Bed head is not a pretty look. If you’re looking to achieve that crisp straight hair, then a straightener is the way to go. Ladies, just please make sure that you’re not creating your own kinks at the top of our head when straightening, because then it’s waaaaay too obvious.

7. The Incessant Need to Switch Bags

Sometimes we want a small clutch for going out, sometimes we need something a little bit larger for a shopping trip (I want to be able to carry my wallet, bottle of water, keys and what I purchase duh). There are different purses for different occasions, so why not have more than one? You’re definitely not going to be bringing your crossbody, leather, saggy hobo to a formal wedding.

8. Make Up

Every female has used make up at some point in their life. Regardless if it’s a little bit of lipgloss or a full on caked up face. Sometimes it’s because it makes us feel better about yourself, but some work places even demand that their employees use some make up. But why is it not expected of men? All that extra cash going towards products that’ll expire anyways? Sometimes it may have been better if make up was never invented to begin with.

9. Taking a Friend to the Washroom

Going to the bathroom can be a lonely process. I obviously take my favorite stuffed animal with me when I’m home a lone (just kidding – or am I?). It’s just a fun thing to do. Besides, sometimes we have secrets to discuss that can’t be talked about around others!

10. The Satisfaction of Taking off a Bra

Top 10 Things You'll Never Understand About the Opposite Gender

At the end of the day, nothing feels better than taking off a bra. The first thing most women do when they get home is to rip off their bra. Why? Well why not? Who really wants two bands of metal digging into the sides of their chest all day long, suffocating their lungs and compressing their breasts to their chest? Guys will never understand how good it feels to take a bra off.


1. Getting Kicked in the Balls

Top 10 Things You'll Never Understand About the Opposite Gender

Clearly because we don’t have a set of balls, we have no idea how it feels like. Obviously getting kicked anywhere hurts, but does it really hurt as much as men make it out to be?

2. Showering and Getting Ready Under 10 Minutes

Like how? How is it physically possible to shower your whole body, wipe yourself down dry and then get dressed, all in under 10 minutes? Do you guys have mini elves helping you out in there?

3. Eating Enough to Feed a Family

Sometimes guys eat 5x the amount of their counter part. How is it physically possible to fit that much food inside of their stomach? It’s as if their stomach displaces all of their other internal organs. And while they eat so much, they don’t even gain any weight from it. Can you guys please share your metabolism with the rest of us females?

4. Sweating

Sometimes men just sweat walking around the mall or sitting around the house. It’s as if their sweat glands cry all the time. Even sweating while eating sometimes, and not when the food is even an spicy. Women on the other hand can sometimes work out and not even break out a sweat.

5. Bro/Guy Code

Top 10 Things You'll Never Understand About the Opposite Gender

What exactly are the rules to this so called code? Apparently it hasn’t been written down but shows like How I Met Your Mother talk about it so it must be real right? We know there is logic behind some of it, but help us understand!

6. Competitiveness

Whether it’s driving down the road, to drinking a glass of water, guys are always competing about something. Why, just why? Is there some inherent need to their worth? Can’t we all just live together happily? We understand that every once in awhile, some competition is healthy, but is it always necessary?

7. Regular Visits to the Bathroom Every Morning

Why is it that guys feel the need to visit the bathroom every single morning on clockwork? And the fact that they aren’t willing to do anything else until after going to the bathroom?

8. Morning Wood

What are you dreaming about that you have to seemingly wake up with morning wood every single day? This is on of the things that women seriously don’t understand, just what exactly is happening in your minds at night that triggers the morning wood?

9. Sandwhichs

Top 10 Things You'll Never Understand About the Opposite Gender

Why must males love their sandwiches so much? Such a simple meal, that is nothing compared to a good dish of risotto or a good steak. Why?

10. The Constant Crotch Grab

Okay we get it, sometimes in the summer it’s hot and uncomfortable, but why must guys constantly grab at their crotches so much? Are we missing something here? We women don’t understand why you’d want to eat something that basic where there are so many other better things out there to try!


  1. I disagree about sweating! I sweat constantly, so easily. I think its genetic, not a male/female thing. ^^;;
    &&&LOL at the “constant crotch grab” part: “Are we missing something here? We women don’t understand why you’d want to *EAT* something that basic where there are so many other better things out there to try!” I think this last sentence belongs on the previous “sandwich” part xD good laugh tho haha