Let’s face it, sometimes you get sick of your female friends. They all give you similar advice when it comes to boys and outfits. What you need is a male opinion. Someone who can give you a male perspective. Someone who won’t overanalyze (Yes, we are all guilty of this). You certainly can’t ask the object of your affection and it may be awkward to ask your brother. This is why every female needs a male best friend.

Fashion Tips

Perks of the Male Best Friend

Not to be confused with the GBFF who will tell you your high waisted jeans look fashionable, the Male Best Friend will tell you you’re wearing granny pants. As girls we like to try different trends. The Male Best Friend will truthfully tell you if your attempt at Rihanna’s NYFW outfit looks great or if you look like blue tin foil. This means that you can ask the Male Best Friend clothing advice based on how guys will perceive your clothing on a night out. The Male Best Friend will tell you if the look you’re going for is cute or sexy.

Workout Buddy

Perks of the Male Best Friend

The Male Best Friend unlike your cupcake eating girlfriends will tell you if you’re actually getting a little round around the edges. He’ll also tell you if your gym work outs have been paying off. The Male Best Friend will give you workouts and lead you in the right direction. He’ll tell you that Instagram workouts don’t actually work and will show you how to do a proper curl.

Hot Friends and Wing Man Duties

Perks of the Male Best Friend

Your Male Best Friend should have at least 1 or more hot friends. This allows him to set you up or for you to find out dirty little secrets on a guy. The Male Best Friend will help introduce you to good looking guys he’s bros with. If you are out with him and he’s talking to someone hot, you can casually slide in. A true Male Best Friend will wing man you and make sure you are successful in your endeavours.

Fun to Hang Out With

Perks of the Male Best Friend

Sometimes you just need a night off from the girls. The Male Best Friend will take you for beers, for a meal, or just chill out and watch a movie. He is fun to hang out with because he probably doesn’t bitch about his crappy nail beds or that he is getting fat. Unlike other guys, with the Male Best Friend you can look like you got hit by a truck and he doesn’t judge you. He also won’t try to molest you while you watch Anchor Man.

Love and Other Advice

Perks of the Male Best Friend

The Male Best Friend will always provide you with the blunt, to the point advice you need. Girls tend to overanalyze, guys see it how it is. He will tell you for sure if the guy not messaging you back is just not that into you. Your girl friends will probably just say he is playing hard to get. The Male Best Friend will listen to your endless tales and be there for you to pick your ego back up. He will give you the male perspective and try to guide you down the right path. Other truthful advice: Instagram worthiness, gift ideas, etc.

Protects You

Perks of the Male Best Friend

Your Male Best Friend protects you. He genuinely cares about you and will do what he can to prevent you from getting hurt. He will pretend to be your boyfriend at the bar if a sleaze bag is hitting on you. Be a shoulder to cry on if a douche bag hurts you. He will punch out or tell off a guy trying to demean you. He will do this partly out of true concern and partly to look good in hopes that you’ll set him up with one of your friends.

To Get Married When You’re Alone at 40 (optional)

Perks of the Male Best Friend

You and the Male Best Friend have probably already made a pact that if you both are alone at 40, you will wed. Although this seems like a joke, the Male Best Friend is the perfect match because he knows everything about you. The Male Best Friend knows everything you have been through and is already your protector. Plus he can deal with your crap.


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