Okay it’s time to say it. Being a girl has monumental struggles which boys will simply never understand right ladies? It’s bad enough we have to wake up early to get all pampered and whatever, but the sheer battle that goes into lost bobbypins, stretched clothes, and ripped stockings is unreal.

While we can’t promise to solve all of our women problems (imagine), we can certainly help you along with these epic life hacks that will make you sit back and wonder why you never thought of it before.


Nail Polish Keys

1. Distinguish your keys by paintng the top of them with various nail polish colors for an easy way to find which one you are looking for. Are you renting? Don’t worry, they come off the keys with nail polish remover.

Shopping Bags Frame

2. It’s totally great to buy that investment piece you were saving up for, but now you can get a little more for your buck. Keep those designer shopping bags, put them in frames, and display them on your walls or mantels. Such a simple idea can add a lot of character to your home.

Hangers turned

3. Okay, this is brilliant really. Turn your hangers around after you have worn something. That way, you will be able to tell what you haven’t worn recently. It will make spring cleaning a whole lot easier!

Clear Nail Polish Stockings

4. The worst thing is being out and realizing you have a run in your nylons or tights. Seal it with hairspray or clear nail polish to make sure it doesn’t get any worse.

Magnetic Bobbypins

5. I swear, bobbypins have their own Narnia portal. How could we possibly lose SO many in such LITTLE time. Try putting your bobbypins on a magnetic strip so you won’t (hopefully) lose them anymore.

Pants around Neck

6). Did you know if the waist band of a pair of pants can fit around your neck they will fit you properly? That’s one they should definitely tell you when shopping.

.Water Bottle with Times

7. Make sure you drink enough water in the day by writing times on the side of your bottle. You’ll always be able to keep track of your ounses.

Shaving your legs with conditioner

8. Run out of shaving cream? Conditioner actually works just as well, if not better. Boom. We just saved you $5 off your weekly Target trips *drops mic*.

Baby Shampoo to wash brushes

9. Instead of buying brush shampoo to wash your makeup brushes, try using baby shampoo. It isn’t scented but is gentle which means it won’t harm your brushes in anyway, shape, or form! Plus it’s like $3 for a big bottle, score.

Pool Noodles in Boots

10. Keep your fall and winter boots from falling over and getting ruined by putting pool noodles or bristol board in them to keep them standing straight.


11. Use pant hangers to hang and organize your boots. This will clear up the bottom of your closet (*more room for shoes…#sorrynotsorry).


12. Going back to bobbypins for a second, they are literally the perfect size to fit in a Tic Tac box. Pretty much this means effortless transportation and no finding bobbypins at the bottom of your purses ever again.

Hidden Lotion Bottle

13. For all those beach goers out there, use an old lotion bottle to hide your keys, money, IDs etc. in your bag.

Giftbag holder

14. Organize your room by putting your favorite shopping bags on the wall. It’ll add some color and decor, plus extra storage space is always a plus in our books.

Rubber Bands

15.  Use rubber bands at the end of your hangers to keep your clothes from slipping off or stretching. It’s the DIY version of non-slip hangers, and who doesn’t love DIY.

Tell Us…

Do you use any life hacks?