10 Ridiculous Driving Laws From Around the World

If you think it was hard enough trying to drive properly in your country with so many drivers going through reds and cutting you off, wait till you see how crazy it can ge with these laws.


Did you know that if your lisence plate ends in a 1 or a 2, you’re not allowed to drive on Mondays? Now that beg the question, are lisence plates randomly assigned, or are they targetting a specific demographic?


And in Denver, it’s illegal to drive a black car on Sundays. We’re curious what the sales stats for black cars are like there!


Apparently it’s illegal to jump out of a moving vehicle going 65 mph. Sorry stunt drivers, you’re going to have to relocate! This law won’t let you be jumping out of cars on a set any time soon!

10 Ridiculous Driving Laws From Around the World


If you’re within 50 metres of a pedestrian you’re breaking the law! At least this law guarantees that walkers are safe!


Residences of Florida have apparently been getting away with parking their elephants and not paying a fee. Did you know that if you tie an elephant to a parking meter, the meter has to be fed? Didn’t know that parking meters were strong enough to keep an elephant in place!

Costa Rica

Drink but don’t get drunk! It’s acceptable to be driving while sipping on a drink in this country. So long as your blood alcohol level doesn’t go above 0.75%, you’re safe and jail free.

10 Ridiculous Driving Laws From Around the World


We’re guessing that Russia really likes to have a good image. Apparently it’s illegal to drive with a dirty car. Car wash date anyone?


We already know that it’s dangerous to drink and drive (but not in Costa Rica), and the Japanese government really seems to care about their people.


In Luxemburg, if you don’t have a windshield on your car, you’re still obligated by the law to have a pair of windshield wipers installed. Weird? We think so!

10 Ridiculous Driving Laws From Around the World


New Brunswick has a law which prevents cars from being driven on the road. We’re guessing that whoever built all of those streets just had a serious obssession with roads…right?

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