You Can Now Eat Sushi Off Naked Women in Vancouver

It seems just yesterday, women were allowed to vote. Now, today, you can eat sushi off naked women’s bodies. Oh, how far we’ve grown.

They call it “Nyotaimori”

A sushi restaurant in Vancouver, Naked Sushi, has opened in July. They say the tradition of “Nyotaimori” or “Body Sushi” has been practiced for time. Sushi is strategically places on the women’s bare bodies, and served to tables. It is common for bachelor parties to be held at the restaurant. I’m sure any straight man, would love to eat off a naked women.

In fact, Nyotaimori is said to be a fetish. The fetish for dominance and submission. The idea is the need to please or be pleased. In this case, the women is the one to please the men who love to be pleased. Basically, women are being used for their bodies, but not in the primal child bearing way, but for recreational pleasure.

You Can Now Eat Sushi Off Naked Women in Vancouver

Now, I know society has practiced body shots off men and women, but this is a whole other level. these women are naked and being used as plates. After trying to achieve equality and power for women over the past decades, we are now demoted to plates. Not just house wives, not child caregivers, but something to eat off of. Looks like we went backwards, and now we’re less than beings.

As for the casting of these women, it took several months.

There were many qualities they had to look for. In my opinion, they looked for a standardized body type that would be ‘attractive’ and thin, rather than finding a body to hold sushi on their bodies effectively. Hello, body image discrimination?

You Can Now Eat Sushi Off Naked Women in Vancouver

After the selection, they are trained to lie down for hours, while they are being eaten off of. Alright, so I guess we aren’t capable of acquiring assets and skills of being a waitress anymore.

To save the women some dignity, there are rules set in place. No demeaning faces are to be made to the women, no talking to the women, and you may only touch the sushi with chopsticks, no hands are to be used, ever. That means their bodies should be respected, or so thats what the restaurant says, anyways.

Overall, this practice takes the power away from women. It makes them submissive to men. To be able to eat food off of women is an act of dominance for egotistical men. To feel powerful, they need to have someone they can treat as a lower being. This restaurant, this practice, is the perfect solution for those needs.

How do you feel about women using their naked bodies as plates?


  1. “… any straight man, would love to eat off a naked women(sic).”

    Seriously, who writes this crap? Men who condone objectification are in the minority. A sore minority, certainly, but blanket statements to this effect only serve to reinforce and normalize the behaviours which we call violence against women.